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Lawsuit Challenges New Secret 'Credible Fear' Directives: M.M.V. v. Barr

September 17, 2019 (1 min read)

M.M.V. v. Barr

"Plaintiffs challenge the new regulations, directives, guidance and/or procedures concerning the evaluation of “credible fear,”2 and seek declaratory and injunctive relief finding the application of new credible fear standard(s) to them unlawful, barring further application of such policies and procedures to them, and requiring the government Defendants to reprocess their fear claims under the prior existing and established policies, directives, guidance and procedures.  fn2 - This Complaint does not challenge the legality of 84 FR 33829, which is being addressed in other litigation. Instead, this Complaint challenges the legality of the Defendants’ additional regulations and directives created as a result of 84 FR 33829 to modify the credible fear review process."