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Trump Takes Census Case to Supreme Court

September 24, 2020 (1 min read)

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Trump v. New York

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Issues: (1) Whether a group of states and local governments have standing under Article III of the Constitution to challenge a July 21, 2020, memorandum by President Donald Trump instructing the secretary of commerce to include in his report on the 2020 census information enabling the president to exclude noncitizens from the base population number for purposes of apportioning seats in the House of Representatives; and (2) whether the memorandum is a permissible exercise of the president’s discretion under the provisions of law governing congressional apportionment.

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Date Proceedings and Orders (key to color coding)
Sep 22 2020 Statement as to jurisdiction filed. (Response due October 22, 2020)
Sep 22 2020 Motion to expedite consideration of the jurisdictional statement filed by appellants.