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Expert: Biden Will "Walk a Tightrope" on Immigration

November 17, 2020 (1 min read)

Patrick J. McDonnell, Kate Linthicum, Cecilia Sánchez, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 15, 2020

"Biden will “walk a tightrope on dealing with immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border,” Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law at Cornell Law School, said by email. “If people believe the U.S. government is becoming more liberal on immigration, we may see a new wave of people … try to enter the U.S.,” he said. “But if the new administration continues the hard-line approach of the Trump administration, Biden will be called ‘deporter in chief,’ just as former President Obama was.” Yale-Loehr predicted that Biden will move cautiously, perhaps temporarily maintaining the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy — which sent asylum aspirants and others back to Mexico to await court hearings — while adding judges to expedite immigration cases."