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Expert: Local Law Enforcement Might Contact ICE, Depending on Situation

January 01, 2019 (1 min read)

Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 31, 2018 - "The arrest of an undocumented immigrant in the fatal shooting of a police officer in Stanislaus County has raised questions about whether the killing had any connection to state or local sanctuary laws, which limit police cooperation with federal immigration agents. ... Q: Do police and sheriffs’ deputies inquire about immigration status when making an arrest?  A. That varies among police departments and individual officers, in California and elsewhere. If a suspected drunken driver lacked a license, “or the driver’s license looked fishy, or the individual looked or sounded foreign,” some officers might contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement and ask about their legal status, said Stephen Yale-Loehr, a Cornell University law professor and author of a widely used textbook on immigration law."