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Expert on Immigration "Plan C"

December 01, 2021 (1 min read)

Jorge Cancino, Univision, Nov. 29, 2021

"A Senate Democratic committee - headed by the office of leader Charles Schumer - is preparing to meet this week with the top aide to the Upper House, attorney Elizabeth MacDonough, and formally deliver the so-called 'Plan C’ on immigration as part of a 'budget reconciliation’ bill that will be evaluated by the senators…. ... The Social Spending Budget Bill already approved by the House of Representatives “includes a series of important immigration provisions, including up to 10 years of work authorization and protection against deportation for undocumented people living in the United States,” said Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor at Cornell University School of Law, New York. “The bill would also give the Department of Homeland Security $ 2.8 billion to help process immigration applications and reduce backlogs in case processing (...) and would recapture employment- and family-based green cards that have not been used and that otherwise would expire at the end of each year,” he added."