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Expert: Raid Targets Have Rights

July 12, 2019 (1 min read)

Aline Barros, VOA, July 11, 2019

"U.S. officials reportedly plan to start immigration raids on Sunday and are expected to target at least 2,000 undocumented people for whom deportation orders have been issued, some as a result of their failure to appear in court for immigration proceedings. ... 

Cornell University immigration law professor Stephen W. Yale-Loehr said, while the Trump administration has the right to deport people with legitimate final deportation orders, some of those orders could be challenged.

“Given the inefficiencies in the immigration court system, many people may have been ordered deported illegally because the immigration agency didn’t have their correct address to notify them about their immigration court date. In such cases, they may have the right to reopen their immigration case,” he said.

Yale-Loehr said undocumented people living in the U.S. have certain constitutional rights.

“Immigration agents are not legally allowed to forcibly enter a home [without authorization]. Immigrants can refuse to open the door when an agent approaches, unless the agents have a valid search warrant,” Yale-Loehr added."