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ICE Deporting Venezuelans to Mexico

April 18, 2024 (1 min read)

Austin Fisher, Source NM, Apr. 18, 2024

"A man from Venezuela who said he fled kidnapping and torture in his home country has been held in federal immigration custody in New Mexico for nearly six months. Now, he’s watching Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents deport other Venezuelan asylum seekers — not to their home country but to places in Mexico that are potentially dangerous for people migrating. The man already experienced violence in that country and fears more if he is forced back to a place where human rights advocates have documented many other refugees who have faced kidnapping, torture and assaults. ... On March 29, when deportation officers at Cibola started informing Venezuelan asylum seekers they intended to deport them to Mexico, 145 of them wrote a letter to ICE to state their abuses and fear of removal to Mexico. “This is unjust. We suffered greatly in Mexico when we traveled to the USA to seek asylum,” they wrote. “To send us back to Mexico is to send us back to danger and death.” "