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ICE gives cold shoulder to 72 Indonesians in New Jersey

December 08, 2011 (1 min read)

"Two years ago, a community of Indonesians in central New Jersey was spared deportation after a Protestant pastor brokered an unusual agreement with immigration authorities that allowed them to stay in the country temporarily. The agreement was clear: The Indonesians would be able to stay and work, but the permission could be rescinded at any moment.  The 72 Indonesians and their supporters, led by the Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, had appealed for the arrangement in the hope that with extra time, they would be able to figure out a way to secure permanent legal status, either though the courts or with the passage of immigration reform legislation in Washington.  Immigrant advocates had hoped the deal signaled a broader use of humanitarian release for illegal immigrants without criminal records and with deep ties to the community.  Now, though, the reprieve for the Indonesians is ending." - New York Times, Dec. 6, 2011.