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Kowalski Named to 2017 Law360 Immigration Editorial Advisory Board

February 28, 2017 (1 min read)

Law360, Feb. 27, 2017 - "Law360 is pleased to announce the formation of its 2017 Immigration editorial advisory board. The purpose of the editorial advisory board is to get feedback on Law360's coverage and to gain insight from experts in the field on how best to shape future coverage. The members of the 2017 Immigration Law360 editorial advisory board [include] - 

Daniel M. Kowalski, Allott Immigration Law Firm

A native of Denver, Daniel Kowalski has been practicing immigration law exclusively since 1985. He is the editor-in-chief of Bender's Immigration Bulletin, published by LexisNexis, and the online editor of the LexisNexis Immigration Law Community, aka In 2010, Kowalski was named a senior fellow at the Institute for Justice Journalism. He is a member of IMMLAW, the National Consortium of Immigration Law Firms."