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Lecture: Crossing Borders

March 08, 2021 (1 min read)


"Months after the 2020 election, this country feels more divided than ever. Today’s youth have only ever experienced a fractured America, rife with ideological polarization that corrodes our ability to listen to and understand voices different from our own. Such division not only threatens democracy and political stability, but also our ability to help those in this country who need it most.

“Speak Now,” a four-part speaker series from the Cornell Advocacy Project, will address this divide, exploring the role of empathy in rehabilitating hostile spaces. Through the insight of an experienced advocate, each session will equip attendees with rhetorical techniques and productive strategies for engaging in political discourse, advocacy, and activism in an increasingly polarized age.

In “Crossing Borders,” the third episode in this series, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Professor of Immigration Law Practice at Cornell Law School, will discuss how issues of immigration have fractured along party lines — and how we can reverse that trend.


  • How and why issues of immigration are polarized
  • How to advocate for those fighting within politically polarized immigration systems
  • Strategies for engaging in discussion with those who hold opposing views on immigration"