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Migrant Detention: Multiple Complaints Filed

September 14, 2022 (1 min read)

Detained Leaders file simultaneous federal complaints against ICE, GEO Group & MTC

"Today, a collective of leaders and individuals detained at multiple facilities in California, filed two simultaneous complaints to the Department of Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties outlining the continued retaliation we face at the hands of ICE officials and its private prison operators for exercising our constitutional rights. Those officials have taken aggressive steps to try to suppress our voice, including attempts to transfer us out of state and unlawful placement in solitary confinement. The retaliation we face is also manifested through the delayed or out-right denial of proper medical care. These facilities operate by instilling fear and intimidation so that we do not speak out against these abuses. We stand united and will continue to raise our voices to hold these facilities accountable. ... [T]he complaints can be found here and here."


"Today, 13 national and local organizations filed a federal complaint against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Baker County Sheriff’s Office for multiple cases of abuse and inhumane conditions at the Baker County Detention Center in Macclenny, Florida. The new complaint was filed on behalf of immigrants at the facility and comes weeks after multiple civil rights and immigrants’ rights organizations filed another federal complaint detailing the horrific conditions at Baker. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida also sent a letter to ICE months ago, making them aware of the issues and asking for intervention at the detention center. The federal agency has not taken any action so far, continuing to put people in danger. The new federal complaint states that, for years, immigrants at Baker have experienced a range of abuses, including excessive use of force, extreme medical neglect, racialized harassment, retaliation, impediments to accessing legal counsel, and lack of adequate hygiene and food. Numerous current and former individuals detained at Baker included their first-hand experiences in the complaint to ICE, speaking out about the deep-rooted issues at the facility. ... The complete complaint can be found here."