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Parole-in-Place: The Immigration PIPsqueak That Could Help Solve the Biggest Obstacle to Comprehensive Reform

November 18, 2013 (1 min read)

"PIPsqueaking for the undocumented is a low-decibel measure that would position the undocumented to qualify for green cards through adjustment of status in the future under any of the otherwise available family- or employment-based immigrant visa categories.  All that's [needed] would be to grant PIP concurrently with another § 212(d)(5)(A) benefit known as "advance parole" and with issue an employment authorization document or EAD.  This would allow the undocumented to work and pay taxes and to travel abroad for legitimate business or personal reasons, and then after reentering the U.S. be essentially cleansed of such prior immigration violations as entry without inspection or failure to depart when required.

A PIP/advance-parole three-step wouldn't fix everyone's status violations (it wouldn't absolve those who have accepted unauthorized employment unless they are the spouse of a citizen or otherwise fall within a forgiveness provision).  But it would go a long way to help the undocumented live in this country under humane conditions, by giving them a chance to earn a living, buy a house or car, purchase insurance and care for their kids." - Angelo A. Paparelli, Nov. 17, 2013.