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Starving for Justice: The Denial of Proper Nutrition in Immigrant Detention

April 06, 2022 (1 min read)

California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice, Apr. 6, 2022

"Imagine spending months, sometimes years without a single homemade meal. Imagine eating more than 400 meals out of a tray. Imagine having to eat in a dining hall that smells like dirty dishrags. This is what immigrants in detention have to face every single day due to the abysmal food conditions inside the facilities they're locked in. Due to multiple complaints around food conditions from individuals detained at Mesa Verde Detention Facility and Golden State Annex – ranging from lack of  nutritious food to receiving spoiled milk, finding cockroaches in their trays, and special health and religious diets not being respected – the California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice (CCIJ)  began to monitor and document the food conditions inside these two facilities. Our food report "Starving for Justice: The Denial of Proper Nutrition in Immigrant Detention" is the result of those investigations."