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What Would You Do If The Border Patrol Threw Your Life-Saving Medications In The Trash?

February 20, 2024 (1 min read)

It's Not Trash, It's Peoples' Belongings: A Q&A with Noah Schramm from the ACLU

FROM HOPE TO HEARTBREAK: The Disturbing Reality of Border Patrol's Confiscation of Migrants' Belongings

"U.S. Border Patrol has confiscated and trashed:  

  • Medications and medical devices that migrants need to treat acute and chronic health conditions such as seizure disorders, high blood pressure, asthma, HIV, and diabetes. In some cases, young children have required emergency care after having their medications confiscated and not replaced.

  • Legal and identifying documents such as birth certificates, passports, national identification cards, medical records, and documentary evidence for asylum claims.
  • Religious garb and articles of faith such as turbans, hijabs, prayer rugs, bibles, rosaries.
  • Items of financial, practical, or sentimental value such as money, cellphones, clothing, jewelry, heirlooms, and even ashes of deceased family members.

Hundreds of cases have been reported in which personal belongings were confiscated by Border Patrol at the southern border. Our report highlights some of these stories..."