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Arizona: Department of Corrections Was Statutory Employer of Staffing Employment Employee

April 27, 2017 (1 min read)

The Arizona Department of Corrections was the statutory employer of a clinical social worker supplied to the department by means of a staffing agreement between the department and an employment services agency. Because the department retained the right to control or supervise provided by the staffing agency, the social worker could not sue the department in tort for injuries she sustained in a slip and fall incident at work. Her negligence claim was barred by the exclusive remedy provisions of the Arizona Workers’ Compensation Act.

Thomas A. Robinson, J.D., the Feature National Columnist for the LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation eNewsletter, is the co-author of Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law (LexisNexis).

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See Wagner v. State, 2017 Ariz. App. LEXIS 77 (Apr. 20, 2017)

See generally Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law, § 111.04.

Source: Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law, the nation’s leading authority on workers’ compensation law