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Arkansas: Deputy Sheriff Was Independent Contractor at Grocery Store

March 09, 2018 (1 min read)

A deputy sheriff who provided security services at a grocery store was an independent contractor; he was not an employee of the store, held an Arkansas appellate court. The court noted that the sheriff’s department required that the deputy secure permission to provide security for the store, the deputy was required by the department to wear his uniform at the store, and the store did not provide the deputy's tools and never trained him. All the factors used in determining if the deputy was an employee or an independent contractor indicated he was an independent contractor.

Thomas A. Robinson, J.D., the Feature National Columnist for the LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation eNewsletter, is the co-author of Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law (LexisNexis).

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See Brookshire Grocery Co. v. Morgan, 2018 Ark. 62, 2018 Ark. LEXIS 48 (March 1, 2018)

See generally Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law, § 61.03.

Source: Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law, the nation’s leading authority on workers’ compensation law