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How to Run a Political Campaign that Delivers Results

November 07, 2022 (2 min read)
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Running an effective political campaign (i.e., one that results in your candidate’s victory) takes equal parts in-depth knowledge and fast responsiveness to ever-changing conditions in the news cycle and on the ground.

Whether you’re a political consultant, a volunteer researcher, or a full-time campaign manager, you need to understand what’s being said about your candidate and their opposition at all times. You need to find campaign donors, know how to approach them and how much to ask for, and which donors and endorsements to avoid due to negative political exposure. You need to bring the most qualified people into the campaign, identify journalists and social influences to help share and promote your candidate’s platform, and stay tuned into voter sentiment.

But fast and reliable research takes time, money, and dedicated focus—all resources that are already likely stretched beyond their limits within your political campaign. Fortunately, LexisNexis solutions for political research can help you run a highly responsive and well-informed campaign.

Build support faster and boost fundraising

With the LexisNexis solution for political research, your campaign gains access to information on more than 80 million company profiles and 80 million executives in 1,000+ industries, as well as 13 million Jigsaw® business contacts via a user-friendly search experience. And you can filter and sort through this information quickly to create a prospective donor and supporter list based on region, business type and size, executive title, and more.

Monitor the media and respond to breaking developments rapidly

The LexisNexis media intelligence solution Nexis Newsdesk™ lets you monitor mass news and social media around the clock for negative news and other mentions. It tracks over 100K news sources—including licensed news publishers like the New York Times—and more than 2.5 million social feeds to give you an accurate and relevant view into what’s being said about your candidate, how voters feel about certain issues, and how your opposition is faring in the news cycle.

Among the news sources tracked by Newsdesk are The Congressional Record, Congressional Quarterly (CQ), Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, Federal News Service, and many other must-have print and online political publications.

You’ll know what’s coming because your ear will be to the ground, so you can make the right moves to either mitigate the impact of any negative stories or take advantage of opportunities in the media.

Conduct more in-depth opposition and candidate research faster

Our flagship Nexis® solution helps you quickly uncover insights across thousands of sources in fewer searches. A single search in the Nexis search bar yields relevant information from multiple databases that you can then explore and share out with staffers as needed. You’ll find information on both your opposition and your candidate from sources that provide (but aren’t limited to):

  • US and international case law and legal documents
  • Public record information
  • Patent and trademark data
  • Treaties

You can unearth voting records, relevant committee reports, and more—as well as bills text and even statements made on the record in legislative histories and congressional hearings back to 1999.

Gain the research capabilities needed to better support your candidate

Spend less time and effort on research and more time on offense, armed with opposition knowledge, voter sentiment insight, and an understanding of the ever-shifting media and political climate.

To learn more about the benefits of LexisNexis solutions for your political campaign research, try Nexis today