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How to Prove the Value of Communication

May 01, 2023

How do we prove a return on investment in PR and communication initiatives?

It’s a question that isn’t new, but one that is being asked louder than ever as many companies manage the financial crunch that’s been caused by the pandemic. In this e-book we will explore the challenges—and, indeed, the opportunities—of measuring and evaluating communication effectiveness.

The tools and tactics contained within can help professionals to not only analyze the effectiveness of their company’s communication efforts, but to move from merely monitoring their media coverage to the more impactful act of surfacing high-value business intelligence and meaningful insights. We will share how to establish a link between the performance of an organization or brand’s PR function and its strategic business objectives. And we will identify a combination of sound media measurement and evaluation with the use of creative analytics and reporting to make the most persuasive case to corporate executives.