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How to Take Your Media Monitoring to the Next Level

May 08, 2023

PR professionals like you are always looking for ways to take media monitoring from backward-looking to forward-thinking. You want to showcase the power and potential of your work to your C-suite, using technology to support and elevate your media monitoring from “basic” to a "boss" level with these 3 ways.

Metrics and Measurement

Your PR decisions and media strategies will only ever be as strong as the data you pull in and analyze. The more integrated data sources you have, the more timely that information is, and the more context you have surrounding all media data—the more of a positive impact your decision-making can make.


Simply put, it’s data about data: It allows search technology to find, organize, and understand results in order to deliver relevant information based on your media search queries.

Platform Management

This is all about optimizing the use of your platform and dashboards for maximum efficiency. You want any member of your team to be able to jump in and quickly understand—and, more importantly, interpret—media data.

Watch this webinar to dive into the details and learn how you can move from basic to boss with your media monitoring strategy: