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11 Oct 2019 Download

Product Spotlight: The LexisNexis® CaseMap® Suite

A cohesive litigation strategy is the backbone of every successful case—and that’s precisely what the LexisNexis CaseMap Suite of litigation software solutions is designed to help you with.

The tools within the CaseMap Suite go far beyond helping attorneys organize legal files, they can help lawyers build case outlines, track case progress and perform legal case analysis.

The CaseMap Suite is broken into four distinct tools, each tailored to a specific facet of your legal strategy: CaseMap®, TimeMap®, TextMap® and Sanction®.

CaseMap: Compile a Database of Key Case Details

Analyzing huge amounts of case data can give you tunnel vision, which is why the CaseMap tool helps you organize that information and get a bird’s-eye view of your entire case.

From that wide-angle perspective, you can spot critical facts, link key people and visualize patterns—so you can put it all together into a strong case strategy.

CaseMap can help you assemble and store your case data in a single place. Not only does that help you analyze your case, it allows you to easily collaborate and share with a legal team or other lawyers working on the same case.

Better still, you can track case progress through an intuitive visual dashboard.

TimeMap: Create Visual Case Chronologies

Establishing a clear timeline of events is one of the first (and most critical) aspects of building a case. The TimeMap tool is a powerful asset designed to help, allowing you to arrange your case facts, including events and relevant parties, into an easyto- follow chronology.

More importantly, TimeMap puts it all together in a visual presentation format—creating a powerful visual aid for clients, judges, witnesses and jurors. And it’s quick too; you can select from pre-set templates and easily build an intuitive timeline to buttress your case.

TextMap: Manage and Synchronize Transcripts

Most cases will inevitably include a large amount of transcript and deposition content. That’s why a resource like TextMap comes in very handy.

TextMap software helps you collect and manage it all, and gives you the ability to search, annotate, add notes, create summaries and extract key passages to use that content to its utmost potential.

With this tool, you’re able to pinpoint critical testimony and then link it to other case facts to create a cohesive argument.

Sanction: Craft a Compelling Presentation

Even the most powerful evidence could be rendered ineffective due to improper presentation. You went to law school however, not an art academy, and hiring a designer can easily cut into a case budget.

That’s why attorneys like the Sanction presentation tool. It can help you pull together all of your key case details into a single, professional presentation—no fancy design degree required. You can use Sanction software to play audio and video files; display documents and images; and showcase timelines and animations.

But what’s really valuable is how easy Sanction is to work with—drag and drop, and editing on-the-fly are just two of the capabilities to help you articulate your case in litigation, trials, mediations and settlement conferences.

Tailored Precisely for Your Needs

Perhaps the best part about the CaseMap Suite of litigation tools is its flexibility. The suite is modular, so you can select just the tools that make sense for your law practice. That means you can pick a la carte to custom tailor your package to your needs—and your budget.

Alternatively, you can purchase the entire suite to take advantage of the powerful timesaving integration capabilities of each resource.

Think the CaseMap Suite can help your practice?

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