LexTalk is a new online forum which gives Lexis®PSL subscribers across all segments the opportunity to post questions, hold conversations, participate in discussions and share best practice. It has been designed to provide a secure place for legal professionals to discuss legal developments, offer and receive peer support, and gain a sense of up to date market practice and advances, all in in real-time. 

There is no longer a need to wait for colleagues who are not around or busy; or struggle through on your own without guidance. For small, independent law firms and in-house teams, in particular, the forum offers the opportunity to close the gaps between you and large law firms, through allowing legal experts to sense check areas of law, collaborate and share relevant knowledge.

LexTalk has been designed to help everyone in the legal community, whether big or small law, by allowing you to find immediate solutions to the problems that arise inevitably in your day-to-day job.

As a user, you can use the forum to share and gain market insights, enabling you to keep on top of legal changes and issues and stay ahead of the curve. You can develop an understanding of concerns of other practitioners in relevant fields and clarify with others how they are approaching certain situations, enabling you to be more confident in the practice that you are adopting.

The forum is a useful tool in the competitive legal world, where there is an increased requirement to develop deeper specialised practice area knowledge in order to stand out from the crowd. You can use LexTalk to explore niche issues and gain useful insights, helping to strengthen your legal knowledge and experience, particularly in new and developing areas.

LexTalk offers forums across 33 practice areas. Alongside this, you can benefit from access to specific Brexit and Scotland forums which allow the consideration, discussion and development of knowledge on key events and changes affecting the legal world as and when they arise.

Alongside the discussion pages, through the creation of LexTalk you can now also benefit from links to Lexis®PSL key resources pages, weekly and monthly highlights and a new LexTalk button on Lexis®PSL.

Contributors to the LexTalk forum include practice area partners, Q&A panel members, customers and PSL teams. As such, LexTalk has been designed to enable you to search for and connect with other users and encourage networking throughout the legal sphere. You can build your own profile, create, share, follow and like posts, and interact generally with the wider legal community. Through this, you and LexisNexis can work collaboratively to build upon and strengthen the legal community.

View our user guide for hints and tips on using LexTalk, including setting up your profile and notification settings.