A Helping Hand: The Top 8 Resources for Juris

Where to look!? Where to look!? As a Juris user, sometimes you may find yourself challenged with a new function or you need a little help with a certain part of the software. As a Juris trainer, I enjoy helping people with similar needs, but where can people turn when they don’t happen to be in a live Juris class? Well, there is help out there!

  • Our OnDemand classes These “anytime-anywhere” online sessions have been developed to teach key topics. From Budgeting to Collections, they provide easy to access training. And some are free!
  • Case Studies and more Always wanted to know if JMO was right for your firm? Here’s the skinny. A wide range of resources are here, all free for the asking.
  • Sign up for Juris emails From the quarterly eNewsletter to the Feature Friday webinars and upcoming training offerings, if something is out there to help you, you’ll be “in the know.”
  • Sign up for a live training Offered both in-person and over the web, these sessions are designed to give people key information while also offering a trainer who can answer their firm-specific questions. As recent class participant Joanna Buckley put it, “Classes are designed so that any level of user can take advantage of the tips and tricks to make Juris use more efficient. A perfect example is customized rules which make time entry a breeze.
  • This very blog Bookmark and save this link if you want to see only the blog posts about Juris.
  • The Juris Support Center With a wealth of articles, product alerts and troubleshooting guides, there’s so much information at your fingers. Heck, here’s one on how to maximize your Juris view options.
  • Join our LinkedIn group Have a LinkedIn profile? Like to chat with other Juris users? Enough said!
  • Give support a call If you just need a voice on the other end of the line, our support team is available 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday ET. 877-377-3740 .

Whatever your need, Juris has resources, people and training to help. So save the list above to your desktop, because you never know when you may need a little help.