Adoption, It's More About the End Users than the Product Itself

Danielle Splendore; Project Manager, LexisNexis:


What makes new software valuable? It’s a simple answer when you really think about; the usage. You could purchase the most praised and highly sought-after software, but if your users fail to adopt the software, the return on investment can be alarming.

Organizations often find themselves in this pitfall – they assume that because the software is widely accepted in the market that it goes hand in hand with user acceptance. As you are about to find out, this is not the case. Check out this infographic on user adoption statistics to get a better idea of why this is the case:

So how do you avoid these pitfalls? How do you get your users to adopt your new or updated software?
It’s all about the training.

With proper training, organizations will find that about:

  • 68% of users can use the product more efficiently
  • 56% use more product features/functions
  • 87% work more independently


Training is the foundation of any technology success. If you want your software implementation to succeed, your users must be engaged and have a strong level of understanding. Another factor that can help drive a successful roll out is Organizational Change Management. Change Management is a tool that helps drive communication from the top down about why users should be invested in the product. Statistics show that with the right communication and planning user adoption is improved greatly.

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