Answers, Where and When You Need Them

Linda Tant, Lead Learning Technologist, LexisNexis:


Finding the answers you need while working is critical to helping you complete your current tasks. But it’s also an important aspect of building confidence and proficiency with any software application. LexisNexis wants to make it easier for you to access our on-demand training and help documentation, without having to leave your current place in the application.

Coming in early 2020, both CounselLink and the InterAction web applications will contain more embedded micro-learning to give you quick access to workflow guidance and best practice recommendations. We are adding options that will allow you to:

  • opt-in to take guided walk-throughs of critical workflow tasks
  • watch short demonstration videos
  • select information icons to view brief explanations
  • access context-relevant help documentation

Be on the lookout for this enhanced in-app training over the next few months. And please consume it when you spot an opportunity. Then, let us know what you think. Does it provide you with helpful information or tips you need? What would make the content more relevant and useful for you? We’d love to hear your opinions so that we can continue to improve our in-app offerings.

We are committed to providing you with relevant training and support, where and when you need it.