Are Your Users Holding Back Your CRM Success?

By: Elena Cutri

You probably already know about the top benefits of a CRM program from this 2013 survey of law firms. You know that good CRM programs result in:

  • improved client relationships
  • greater ability to cross sell
  • improved efficiency in serving clients.

So, why aren’t the cross selling opportunities pouring in? Would it surprise you to know that the biggest barrier to CRM success is the firm! Users need to buy-in to the firm’s vision. Almost 1/3 of all CRM challenges stems from lack of employee buy-in.

 *5 Takeaways From A Law Firm CRM Survey

Do you have users who proactively ensure that their clients are in the loop? Do you have users who track their own pipeline? If so, you have users who have bought into the firm’s vision. They are inspired to strengthen their client relationships. Firms that successfully implement CRMs report having users who are motivated to build a business pipeline.

If you want to educate your users, this 60-minute web-based course gives insight and tools on how to utilize CRM for success.