Choose Your Learning Path

As you may know LexisNexis University is your one stop shop for all your training needs when it comes to the InterAction, Juris, Time Matters, and PCLaw products. Over the years we have spent much time refining the site in order to get our clients the best possible class for their training needs. In that time we have also noticed that law firms will also purchase software but need some assistance in choosing the right training curriculum for their staff. Due to the nature of LexisNexis software, not all training plans are appropriate for all staff members. This is where our new learning path functionality comes into play.

Say for instance your firm just purchased InterAction for their CRM needs and now needs their staff to manage to tool, deploy to staff, have them use and update it regularly, then administer it going forward. Those operations all require specific learning paths especially if there are different staff members responsible for different functions in using the tool.

Now these staff members can come to our learning path tool to see a structured learning path based on their needs. Here is how it works.

1) Log in to LexisNexis University and select the “Choose your Learning path” option from the drop down menu.

2) Enter your product and level of experience using that product.





3) Select your area of interest or role within the company. For assistance, reference the content:encoded box below the selection area to make sure the role matches your idea of what that role indicates.
 4) Click “view classes” and see your learning path. We offer OnDemand, Live Virtual, and Classroom sessions for most products, roles, and experience levels. You can save and refer back to as many learning paths as you need.

What hasn’t changed is our staff is always will to help with any training related question you may have. Reach out at any time to to talk about your options.