Have you seen the enhancements to the Quick Navigation feature in Juris 2.8?

Kathy Baker, Professional Solutions Consultant, Juris, LexisNexis:

In addition to the existing functions in the Quick Navigation tool, Juris 2.8 brings enhancements to this handy feature.

  • Launch the Quick Navigation tool by using the icon on the Toolbar or using the new keyboard combination, CTRL + Q. Instead of removing your hands from the keyboard to click the mouse to click on the Quick Navigation icon, type CTRL+Q.
  • The Bill Lookup allows you to enter a Juris Client Bill Number and retrieve the archive of that invoice just as you now do from within Juris/Juris Suite Client Matter Inquiry. Open the Bill from the Bill Lookup with a single click to gain direct access to the Juris bill. You now have the same functionality when viewing a bill archive in Juris/Juris Suite Client Matter Inquiry.
  • The Check Lookup enables you to quickly provide details of Juris AP and/or Trust checks. You can enter a Check Number OR a Vendor Name. Click on the Check Lookup icon to view the corresponding AP or Trust voucher. While viewing the associated voucher, click on the G/L Distributions and Expense Distributions to drill down to those details. The Check Lookup can be used to locate both Posted checks and Unposted checks that have been printed.
  • The Voucher Lookup enables you to quickly find a specific AP Voucher by entering the Voucher Number.
  • To navigate within the Quick Navigation tool click on the desired icon OR use the Tab key to cycle through the icons as you could in prior versions and click the spacebar to select.