InterAction IQ and Data Minder: a Revolution in Data Quality

Maggie Hepburn, Learning Experience Principal, LexisNexis:

So I was reading this article called, “The Price You Pay for Bad Data” by Leslie Nienaber. Though her focus is on waste and inefficiencies in direct mail (I get it….how many Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons do we all get in the mail?), I was thinking about marketing, business development and bad data from the perspective of my InterAction clients.

The main point that rang true for me was Nienaber’s comment, “The price a company pays when they do not clean their data can be a big one: it can impact not only their budget, but their reputation as well. It can turn a professional, one-time communication to a prospect into an embarrassing solicitation that feels desperate and unprepared.”

But I know, I know….you don’t have time, you don’t have resources, you feel overwhelmed. I hear it all the time. What if I showed you a couple of tools that would automate a LOT of that…would you be interested?

As I’m out training you all, I’m finding that many of our clients are not aware of the benefits of InterAction IQ and Data Minder for their data quality. They’re not realizing how much time and effort can be saved. And though IQ is additional, Data Minder is included with your annual support and maintenance. You just need to be on one of the latest versions of InterAction.

-Data Minder normalizes data to your firm’s standards, on the way into InterAction. Want Streets and Avenues abbreviated? Want Job Titles spelled out? No problem…among these and other fields, it’ll be done automatically on the way in from your users.

InterAction IQ, in short, does three things that will passively boost your data quality and intelligence.

  1. Passive contact/signature capture from your end users’ Exchange accounts
  2. Passive contact/signature updates from your end users’ Exchange accounts
  3. Identifies Engagement levels/Relationships between your professionals and contacts they communicate with

The quality part comes from the fact that data comes straight from the horse’s mouth; from their signature line, over to InterAction. And a bonus for your Business Development folks…the intelligence part is really the kicker. Who are your users really communicating with and how often? Who are they actually engaged with? The contacts and intelligence you’ll reap, beyond what users have purposefully shared with InterAction, is invaluable. Just reach out to your consultant or account manager to get started. Vive la révolution!