InterAction Mobility: Intelligence on the Go!

I spend a lot of time away from my office, so I know how important it is to have access to client and contact information on-the-go. Knowing how and where to contact my clients, having the ability to log and communicate pertinent information, accessing relationship and activity information, in short having access to much of the same intelligence I’d be able to get to at my office, these are the things that are important to me. And they are important to your professionals as well. Supplementing your current InterAction CRM with InterAction Mobility is a great way to ensure your professionals can stay relationship-focused while away from the office, whether it’s from a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop.

Make the Most of your Travel:

InterAction Mobility allows users to use the “Nearby Contacts” feature to make the most of travel time. Are you in a different city and have some spare time in between meetings? See which contacts are located near your present location. A quick invitation to coffee can do a lot toward building and maintaining relationships. Planning a trip? Look ahead at all the contacts near your destination to optimize your trip.

Capture and Share Critical Information:

Did you just hang up from a Business Development related phone call on your mobile phone? InterAction Mobility can capture phone call activities immediately after hanging up. Did you just leave a meeting with important information to note? Users can log notes and/or activities on the fly in InterAction Mobility instead of waiting to log it when they return to the office.

It’s Intuitive:

InterAction Mobility has a similar feel to the InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO) pane. If users know IMO, they can easily learn InterAction Mobility.

Staying connected on-the-go is a vital part of our business lives. InterAction Mobility allows your organization to extend the reach of business-related intelligence so your professionals are in the loop at all times. If you’re an InterAction client, feel free to view architecture and technical specification information on our support site. And/or for further information on how to get InterAction Mobility at your organization, please contact your account manager or