InterAction Reporting

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My reporting stream of consciousness (feel free to wear your beret and turtleneck, and snap along):

Analyze, interpret, understand, data, pretty, fancy, Excel, meaningful, valuable, intelligence, USER-ADOPTION!, collaboration, communication, coordination, client satisfaction, design, creative, logos, POWER!, lists, sum, count, average, segment, group, sort, secure, people, companies, association, who knows whom, connections, relationships, activities, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT!, colors, styles, templates, searches, saves me time, tells me things, REVEALS THE UNSEEN!, formulas, checkboxes, if-then-otherwise, calculated fields, page 1 of 3, headers, footers, detail bar, properties, bold, left align, increase spacing, rulers, PORTRAIT AND LANDSCAPE!

Why should you invest time and effort in your InterAction reports? Because they take massive amounts of data and make it meaningful. They can reveal trends and patterns, they can prove ROI, they can increase user adoption of your system.

Maybe you have 20K Business Development activities in your system. What good are they if you can’t see what they mean to one lawyer, to one practice group, to one client team, to the firm as a whole? Reports can show you what they mean.

Maybe you’re tracking industry values and services provided for your clients? What good is it if you can’t tell how that pertains to your business development efforts, past, present and future? Reports can tell you how that pertains.

Maybe you’re managing different practice group contact type folders. Why should you continue unless you’re using those segmentations in some kind of meaningful way to help the lawyers and your firm drive opportunities. Reports can reveal the value in managing those folders.

Understanding the report options you have in InterAction allows you to think about your data in different ways…present it in meaningful ways…adapt it in valuable ways that not only support your users in further driving business development, but also help them to understand their role in the data and the value of the system you invest so much time and effort in.

Register here for our free InterAction Reporting Webinar, Wed, Jan 25, 2p-3p Eastern.
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