Learn Some, Think Some & Flush Often

Lauren Davis, Education Services Coordinator, LexisNexis:

For the first 5 years of my career I was an elementary school teacher. I taught my students more than just reading, writing, and math. My students learned life lessons that also apply to adults in the business world. The book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten highlights simple life lessons that maybe some of us forget from time to time. Such things as, “share everything”, “play fair”, “clean up your mess”, “don’t take things that aren’t yours”, “live a balanced life”, “learn some and think some”, and there’s also “don't forget to flush” too.

The book is a healthy reminder of just how simple life can be. Many of you reading this probably live chaotic and stressful lives. Just the time you are spending reading this blog for a few minutes could be spent preparing something for work, folding laundry, walking the dog, or any of the other constant pulls and responsibilities in the 24 hours we are all given in a day. As a former educator, and now working on the LexisNexis training team, one of the more endearing lessons to me that I think many of us don’t make time for is to “learn some and think some”. When is the last time you scheduled some time for yourself to learn something new, or in the same light, continued learning about something you may already be skilled in?

A lot of adults believe they don’t have time for training. The challenge many of you face is your work load, combined with busy schedules outside work, leaving you with very little time to “learn some and think some”. When you don’t take time for learning it can cause many problems. You may fall behind on work because you haven’t taken time to learn about a new way of doing things. That can lead to missing deadlines, feeling frustrated and highly stressed. That is why LexisNexis offers the solutions that we do so that you can continue to “learn some and think some”. We offer solutions that allow for self-paced, on your own, whenever you can squeeze it in between the kids soccer games, to help you become better at your job. In addition, we offer virtual, public, private, and on-site trainings. We want to make it as easy as possible to get the training you need. All of our training is housed on LexisNexis University a very user-friendly site to find the training that you need.

At LexisNexis University we know that life gets in the way. But if you remember a few simple life lessons like “live a balanced life” and “learn some and think some” we can all agree that our jobs and personal lives would be a lot better. Also, don’t forget my personal favorite lesson from the book, “warm cookies and cold milk are good for you”.