Most Tech Blogs are Not for Techies These Days

by: Mateland Mayes Well it’s another week and another tech blog telling me a lot that I already know. While I appreciate how hot Facebook, Apple, Samsung, and Twitter are; one more blog about them isn’t really going to tell me anything new technology wise. It’s usually just more info about the latest version or update of a hot, but not so new, tech item. Lately these blogs have seemed more like a sales pitch to the novice techie to buy the latest iteration rather than providing news on anything interesting. Techies tend to appreciate news on what’s not so hot, but is actually heating up instead.

Most bloggers seem to follow the tried and true methods of writing blogs by focusing on popular trending topics or performing a “popular search” on their favorite search engine. Yes they are simple and easy ways to generate topic ideas, however, if it’s already been covered by your local news it’s hardly new information.

I understand the more major blogs need to focus on hot companies and popular products in order to drive page views and therefore generate revenue, it makes total sense. But, there are lots of tech companies across all the different categories that are at various stages of growth that could be highlighted. While they might not be red hot from the general public perception standpoint, many of these companies have new cutting edge technologies on the horizon. The next big thing is being developed and most people don’t know anything about it.

It would be nice to find a blog that is more than just a review of the latest XBOX/PlayStation or Android/ Apple device for sale, yet not a developer’s paradise of source code and solution architecture. Oh well, I guess I’ll just check out the blog about the latest smart phone and curved led television…happy shopping.