Raise the barrier or welcome the disruption of new software offerings?

Did you hear? LexisNexis just released PCLaw 14 with its new batch emailing capabilities via the Invoice Email Queue. Does that announcement make you think “Yay! I can’t wait to try it! I’ll get my invoices out much quicker and save the company money on postage too.” Or do you mutter “Please, not now. I don’t have time to learn something new, and besides, the old way works just fine for me.”?

What makes some of us get excited about new software announcements while others just wish the powers-that-be would leave well enough alone? Is our response a generational reflex? Maybe, but perhaps not. For me, I’m quick to adopt new technology when I get inspired by the possibilities and the potential reward for my efforts. What motivates you to take new software features for a spin?

All innovation is disruptive. If you are a pragmatic worker, you are probably focused on getting your daily tasks complete. That means you may automatically throw up your ‘not now’ barrier when software enhancements become available. I hope instead that you will condition yourself to take some time and find out what value the new features may bring to your existing work processes. Then decide if implementation is worth your time and energy. You may find that enhancements give you new tools to complete time-consuming tasks faster, making a positive impact on your workday and to the firm’s bottom line.

When you decide to incorporate new technologies into your standard processes, give yourself permission to take the time to learn how to use the new features. Be open to trial and error as you adapt to the changes. You can quickly move past the awkward adjustment stage and be able to fine-tune your processes to be better than ever.

PCLaw 14 offers some exciting new possibilities for law firms to bill more efficiently and cheaply, by reducing printing and postage costs, and time spent stuffing envelopes. Want to see more about how the Invoice Email Queue can accelerate your law firm billing process? Take a look at this video. And remember that on-demand video and instructor-led training is available from LexisNexis University to help you get comfortable using the new features.

I hope you welcome the exciting new functionality available in PCLaw 14 and take full advantage of the benefits it has to offer to your law firm.

By: Linda Tant