Running Your Office by ‘The Book.’

by: Duane Cary

If an employee left your office today, would you know every function they performed for you? How about how they did it? When you bring in someone new to replace them, do you have time to train them?

If you do not already have one, you should have an office reference guide. The book would be a place to keep knowledge on tasks that are performed in the office. That way, if someone ever leaves your firm, you have an efficient way to train a new employee, especially if you do not have time or the knowledge to do it yourself.

It does not have to be an actual book. It could be something as simple as a document file. Every day, have employee add something new to the file. How do they prepare documents? Where are the documents saved? What software do they use? Who are their contacts if they have questions? What are the procedures they have learned specific to running run the office?

If you have multiple people working for you, you may want them to each start their own “book”. It is quite possible that each of them has their own way of doing things, and even though their ways may differ, their means may still produce a smooth running operation. Or you could review their “books” and find ways to run your office even more efficiently by removing redundant tasks.