Shhhhh…. Two Hidden Billing Secrets in Juris

Isn’t it great when something you’re used to suddenly surprises you? I teach Juris to lots of people, and there are times in my classes where I notice I’ve surprised people with a feature or tool they didn’t know about. Here are two such hidden billing features that may do that for you: Exporting and Emailing Bills.

This function is found under billing on the Juris left side navigation bar, but many people aren’t aware exactly what it can do. Basically it’s two tools in one. You can use one, the other, or both.


First, let’s talk about the email function. In a nutshell, it lets Juris automatically name your bill attachment, create the email and send it on its way. If you currently send off your bills one by one via email, this little beauty can save HOURS of time. It’s especially helpful when large numbers are involved (as in, your firm emails out 150 bills per month or more). You don’t get a great deal of customization of the email itself, but you can configure the name of the bill attachment with all relevant details (matter nickname, bill number, etc.). So when a client receives the email, they can see the details in the attachment file name. No need to create and attach the bill to the email over and over again. Juris takes on the job, and in return, your billing folks get some much needed time back!

The second tool is the export function. Essentially it does what the email function above does only it doesn’t email the bills out. Instead, you decide where to save all those bill files. Let’s say you have attorneys at your firm and each one has an assistant who sends off their respective bills. This function can process each attorney’s client bills, save them as the file type you want (say, as PDF) and drop them in a network folder of your choosing. It saves you the time of having to name each and every PDF bill file one by one. Hint: You can even run the process for each attorney and just change the destination folder each time. That way, each assistant can find that month’s bill set easily each billing run. Many people in my billing classes do just that when they realize the potential of this tool.

So those are two big time-savers when it comes to billing. Check out the Juris help file for more detail on these functions, and how to set them up step-by-step! Oh, and we cover these tools in the Juris Fundamentals Billing class, so sign up if you’re interested!