The Newly Implemented PMO at LexisNexis

Briley Hussey, Associate Project Manager, LexisNexis:

As LexisNexis experiences growth, and an intake in higher caliber clients – implementing a successful Project Management Office is imperative to the success of the business and onboarding of new clientele.

There are many benefits to a PMO and at LexisNexis, our newly implemented PMO is continuously documenting and improving processes to keep project schedules on track and scopes of work clear.

We’ve carefully aligned our team’s goals with corporate goals and strategies in order to keep project risks low, improve resource management and provide accurate forecasting. The addition of a PMO to LexisNexis has already lead to better organizational communication whether it be through team meetings or knowledge share via Confluence. Our most recent addition to the PMO process includes performing internal audits and project post-mortems at the conclusion of a project. We’re using this process to determine elements of the project that were successful or unsuccessful. This will ensure that we’re able to easily retrieve information and recommendations for future projects, minimizing the chance of repeating previous mistakes.

All helping us accomplish our number one priority: customer satisfaction.