The Summer of CRM Data Cleanup!

The Summer of CRM Data Cleanup!

In the spirit of the many patriotic American holidays approaching (sorry, Canada, I’ll try to incorporate curling and maple leaves into my next blog post), I had an idea for targeting some data quality in your CRM system this summer. Data Cleanup: It’s not fun, but it must be done. Think of it as short little bursts of time to do as much as you can. I wouldn’t expect you to get all of it done because 1. You probably have plenty of other things to do, 2. You’ve got tickets to process, as well, and 3. I’m betting you’re taking some much deserved time off in there somewhere, but it might be a nice goal to aim for. Plus, if it also happens to be the “Summer of Interns” that could be helpful toward your goals, too. And, if you don’t read this until well into the summer, that’s ok, you can apply these short bursts to any time frame.

Between Mon, May 25, Memorial Day and Sun, June 14, Flag Day (USA)

DUPLICATE COMPANIES CLEANUP (only the highest priority companies)

Between Sun, June 14, Flag Day (USA) and Thurs, July 4, Independence Day (USA)

DUPLICATE PEOPLE CLEANUP (only the highest priority people)

Between Thurs, July 4, Independence Day (USA) and Thurs, August 13, Left Hander’s Day (ok, not patriotic, but I’m left-handed and I needed an end datesometime in August)

ASSOCIATION CLEANUP (only the highest priority people)

Remember to reward yourself after each short burst (maybe some kind of protein cooked over open fire and some potato salad?) and remember this famous, patriotic (and completely altered for our purposes) quote during your efforts…. “This country [CRM] will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.” -Theodore Roosevelt [Maggie Hepburn]

Good Luck!