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The training landscape is always changing as it adapts to new releases and new technologies available to customers. I wanted to take a minute just to update everyone on the new developments going on over at www.lexisnexis.com/university.


Need Help Closing Your Books?

Do you need help preparing to close your books for Year-End? As a valued PCLaw® customer, LexisNexis® wants to help make your Year-End accounting process as easy as possible. Learn how to close your books quickly and correctly by taking advantage of all PCLaw resources.

“Closing Year-End” Instructor Led Training Package

For a limited time, we are offering 60-minute, instructor-led, web-based training on Year-End accounting using PCLaw. Visit LexisNexis University to register for one of these informative and helpful sessions. These classes fill quickly!

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger Reconciliation
  • Adjusting Entries
  • Closing the Month & Year

Bundled Pricing Available! Register for the End-of-Year Training Package and get all four classes for $150.00 (a $200.00 value).

January 17 – PCLaw® End of Year Training Package – #1
January 31 – PCLaw® End of Year Training Package – #2
February 18 – PCLaw® End of Year Training Package – #3
February 28 – PCLaw® End of Year Training Package – #4

Beginners Anytime Training

New for version 13, our OnDemand Beginners Anytime training classes normally priced at $1,100, available for free to clients with a valid Annual Maintenance Plan, is new and improved!

The PCLaw 13 Anytime training sessions will demonstrate fundamental concepts and techniques to enable the user to perform PCLaw basic user level tasks. We have four OnDemand classes in this curriculum that cover topics based on your role in the firm. The four classes include:

PCLaw Administrator and Office Manager
PCLaw Bookkeeper and Accountant
PCLaw Data Entry, Billing, and Collections
PCLaw Partner, Attorney, and Timekeeper

These classes can be found at: http://www.lexisnexis.com/university/Catalogue.aspx?product=PCLaw&ctype=OnDemand+Training

Live Virtual Class

Also new is the live virtual classes “PCLaw bookkeeping certification.” These classes are ideal for improving your accounting practices. Learn the intricacies of Cash and Modified Cash Accounting in PCLaw and learn tricks for resolving those troublesome bank reconciliations.

PCLaw Bookkeeping Certification addresses all these issues with emphasis on the following topics:

  • How PCLaw works inside Cash, Modified Cash, & Accrual Accounting methods
  • Troubleshooting and resolving Bank Reconciliation issues
  • Reconciliation procedures for the General Ledger


Year-End Instructor Led Training

For a limited time, we are offering 60-minute, instructor-led, web-based training on Year-End accounting using Juris. Visit LexisNexis University to register for one of these informative and helpful sessions.

January 17 – Juris Year End Training – 10am EST
January 31 – Juris Year End Training – 12pm EST
February 18 – Juris Year End Training – 12pm EST
February 28 – Juris Year End Training – 12pm EST

Also available is the new Time Entry Live virtual bundle.

You need to begin entering time in Juris Suite today, but have no idea where to start! It’s a bit daunting, so this instructor led, demonstration style web-based class will ease you into the first few days. Then, afterwards, rely on additional support from an always accessible OnDemand Time Entry recorded training complete with practices and quizzes. This interactive training includes reviews of the quickstart topics and more. Note: This class includes a live instructor led session and a full year access to the Time Entry OnDemand Session.

Class can be found at: http://www.lexisnexis.com/university/Catalogue.aspx?product=Juris

Time Matters

The Time Matters beginners Anytime training series will follow in the path of the PCLaw classes. Once released for version 13, users will be able to choose a curriculum based on their role for a more targeted learning path.

New Live Virtual Classes for 2014:

Basic Billing

Want to learn how to bill with Time Matters? With this class you will learn everything from setting up basic billing to linking Time Matters to 3rd party accounting applications.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting up Basic Billing for your firm.
  • Customizing Billing options, including Invoice design, payment terms, and bill messages.
  • Utilizing various forms and tools to capture billable time.
  • Creating Billing Items and Invoices.
  • Linking Time Matters successfully to 3rd-party accounting applications.

Firm Administration

Need to know how to customize Time Matters to fit the needs of your firm makes it possible for users to work more efficiently and productively? Then this is the perfect class for you!

Topics Covered include:

  • Establishing security parameters at the firm and user level.
  • Installing and configuring Microsoft Exchange Synchronization and Time Matters Mobility.
  • Performing regular maintenance tasks on your Time Matters database.
  • Customizing classification codes, Quick Tabs, form layouts, and styles.
  • Administering the Time Matters application and customizing it for your firm’s workflows.

Forgotten Records

You are probably very familiar with Time Matters records, like Contacts, Matters, Events, ToDo’s, and Documents. But have you ever wanted to learn about the other record types that can be managed from Time Matters?

Topics covered include:

  • Tracking Phone Calls.
  • Creating Notes to organize information.
  • Using the Messenger and In/Out List to efficiently communicate with co-workers.
  • Managing Email and attachments.
  • Performing LexisNexis research and track the results.
  • Configuring and view RSS news feeds, using the News Reader.

Firm Manager

New to the University, Firm Manager is unveiling two new FREE live virtual training sessions.

Getting Started with Firm Manager

Learn best practices about implementing the features and functionalities in LexisNexis Firm Manager. Calendaring, Conflicts of Interest searches, document drag and drop, and task management are some of the features that are discussed in this 30 minute session. Learn how to implement Firm Manager to maximize your firm’s efficiency and focus on your clients, not office tasks.

Tips-n-Tricks in Firm Manager

Now that you have been using Firm Manager, are you ready to take it to the next level? This session gives you the answers before you ask. Get things done faster, find the information you need the way you want to see it, spend less time staring at a monitor. Tips & Tricks gives you what you want most, more time doing what you do best, practicing law.

Classes can be found at: http://www.lexisnexis.com/university/Catalogue.aspx?product=Firm Manager


Best Practices for Data Stewards

Maintaining data accuracy and integrity within the InterAction product is absolutely essential for any organization. Being a successful Data Steward means that you have attention to detail and possess a passion for data accuracy and standardization. The Advanced Data Steward session takes you, a seasoned Data Steward, beyond the day-to-day tasks of maintaining data and further, into a deeper dive of best practices including the cause and effect of what you do in InterAction. This focus allows you to see more of the administrative side of InterAction and reveals the bigger picture of your actions, as well as encourages a cross-firm dialogue as to how others in your industry use InterAction to its fullest in terms of maintaining data quality.

Classes can be found at: http://www.lexisnexis.com/university/Catalogue.aspx?product=InterAction&ctype=Virtual+Training

Chris Katchuk