Working Smarter with Data Quality: Doing More with Less

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I often hear from my clients that they don’t have enough time or resources to manage data quality in InterAction the way they’d like to. And when they want advice, the first thing I always say is if you’re harboring it at all, let’s start by giving up the idea of perfection. It’s not going to happen. Managing data quality is really about optimizing three things; people, process and technology.

People: Look beyond your department for resources that either can be trained or already have the knowledge or skillsets to assist with your data quality. Think the Library. Think Assistants at a local level. These potential resources may have a connection to research or an intimacy with contact data that a centralized Data Quality team might not have. Plus, that additional support can give your Data Stewards more time to be proactive with the broader quality of your data: tasks such as resolving duplicates, company association, managing APEs (addresses, phones & e-addresses.

Process: Revisiting best practices, creating opportunities for data cleansing and focusing on the most important contacts will help to optimize your work. For example, are you archiving contacts on a regular basis? Do you bring your end users into the fold for certain kinds of data quality? Is there a particular order in which you perform data quality tasks? There are a number of ways, process-wise, to lighten your data quality load.

Technology: Be sure that you’ve investigated all possible sources of information. If there are other systems at your firm that currently maintain trusted data, set yourself up to benefit from them. What the owners of that data do as a normal part of their work could replace some of the maintenance you’ve been doing. And be sure that you’re strategically utilizing all that InterAction, itself, can do for you. There are many tools built into the system that can streamline your work.

Do you recognize the value of what I’ve described but aren’t sure how to get started? Consider attending our free webinar on Friday, May 6 at 1pm Eastern. We’ll look into these topics and more! And we’ll introduce our new InterAction Explorer Series where you can dive deeper into InterAction data quality tools enabling you to do more with less.