Mission Statement

LNU: Blog – Cultivating success through cooperation

Hello, and welcome to The LexisNexis University Blog

The LexisNexis University Blog was created to foster a community around sharing best practices, tips and tricks, and peer to peer communication regarding LexisNexis tools.

When we built LexisNexis University, we understood that everyone has different learning methods they prefer. We offer training for those that enjoy a classroom setting, a virtual classroom for those that may participate in live sessions from their home or office, and we also have OnDemand training available 24/7 to fit around your schedule. As a result of our site, we felt it reasonable to begin a blog given the amount of feedback we receive. The University caters to a number of LexisNexis products and our hope is this Blog will fill another need for our entire user community.

We promise to bring you industry leading insight from the trainers and developers that are responsible for the tools you rely on. We will provide you with business of law insights as well as deep dive into InterAction, CounselLink, Juris, Time Matters, Billing Matters, and PCLaw. Plus we will provide numerous options for your Continuing Learning Education. We will keep you informed of what we are working on. We will highlight special offerings available; however, we also promise not to turn this into a sales pitch. And most importantly, we will promote an open dialog with our customers and encourage other users to contribute. We will even reach out to you as guest authors to further enhance the perspectives available here.

We hope this site will be a long conversation with each other. How you participate is entirely up to you. Drop us a line and let us know what is on your mind. What has your real-world experience taught you? What strategies have you found to be the most beneficial? Do you have a blog or an article covering a trending topic? Let us know because we would love to hear about it.

It is important for us to grow a true unrestricted dialog of LexisNexis users through this site and to cultivate success through cooperation. We hope you join us on this journey and get as much out of this as possible. We look forward to speaking with you!

LexisNexis Training Team