LexisNexis Australia Launches Lexis+ AI™, A Generative AI Solution That is Set to Change the Game for Australian Legal Practitioners

June 02, 2024

The fastest legal generative AI on the market goes live in Australia following a successful trial, transforming legal work by delivering fully encrypted, secure interactions with reliable results in seconds.

SYDNEY (June 3, 9:30 am AEST / June 2, 7:30 pm EDT) — LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced general availability of Lexis+ AI™ for all Australian customers, a generative AI solution designed to transform legal work. This follows a successful trial phase since February with more than 300 Australian legal practitioners across the entire industry.

Lexis+ AI delivers trusted results in a familiar, easy-to-use interface with reliable and linked legal citations that combine the power of generative AI with proprietary LexisNexis search technology and its leading authoritative content, including the vast primary, secondary, analytical content and expansive Practical Guidance modules.  

Developed with commercial preview users from leading global law firms, corporate legal departments, small law firms, and government departments, Lexis+ AI answers are grounded in one of the world’s largest repositories of reliable and exclusive legal content from LexisNexis. Lexis+ AI provides comprehensive results in seconds versus minutes making it multiple times faster than other legal generative AI solutions available today.

The solution’s AI capabilities were built internally at LexisNexis with world-leading tech partnerships, enabling the company to rapidly introduce new features and technology in a native environment and provide customers with a seamlessly integrated ecosystem.

Lexis+ AI provides citations linked in its responses, providing trusted legal results backed by verifiable authority. It minimises the risk of invented content, or hallucinations, and checks citations against its authoritative content to ensure citation validation. The solution also offers users the ability to input specific citations to verify reliability and flag when a citation might be wrong. Customers can give instant feedback within the product to continually improve product performance, content relevance, and overall product quality. Lexis+ AI does not rely on or learn from user input. LexisNexis’ commitment to privacy and data protection have been cornerstone pillars in every aspect of its product development.

Lexis+ AI which is built for both litigation and non-litigation workflows, features conversational search, intelligent legal drafting, insightful summarisation, and document upload capabilities, all supported by state-of-the-art encryption and privacy technology to keep sensitive data secure:

  • Conversational search simplifies complex and time-consuming legal research by enabling users to conversationally interact with Lexis+ AI, explore new insights, and ask for adjusted and refined output.
  • Document drafting instantly produces contract clauses and client communications such as emails and letters from a simple user prompt.
  • Summarisation functionality delivers case summaries in seconds with more content and capabilities coming soon.
  • Document upload capabilities enable users to rapidly analyse, summarise, and extract key insights from legal documents.

Lexis+ AI offers industry-leading data security and attention to privacy. Uploaded documents are always purged at the end of each session and users can easily manage or delete their prompt conversation history. The solution is continually improving with hundreds of thousands of rated answer samples by LexisNexis local legal subject matter experts used for model tuning.

LexisNexis deploys ethical, powerful generative AI solutions with a flexible, multi-model approach utilising the right model for each use case and specific task. This approach includes working with large language models like Anthropic’s Claude 2, hosted on Amazon Bedrock from Amazon Web Services (AWS), and OpenAI’s GPT-4 and ChatGPT, hosted on Microsoft Azure. LexisNexis employs over 2,000 technologists, data scientists, and subject matter experts to develop, test, and validate its solutions and deliver comprehensive, reliable information.

Greg Dickason, Managing Director of LexisNexis Asia & Pacific, said: “This is a moment unlike any we’ve seen in the legal industry, and we are delighted to deliver generative AI that will safely and securely accelerate our customers’ success. Lexis+ AI gives legal professionals a significant competitive advantage by driving improved speed, productivity, and work quality gains for law firms and their clients. The time savings we have seen with our customers has been phenomenal.”

Clayton Utz Chief Executive Partner, Emma Covacevich said the firm was proud to be the first Australian law firm to use Lexis+ AI: “We have a culture of innovation that drives better client outcomes, and the adoption of Lexis+ AI is yet another example of that. Clayton Utz has assisted with the development and testing of Lexis+ AI and we are now excited to be the first law firm in Australia to use the product commercially. We see Lexis+ AI as a tool that complements our lawyers’ expertise by making legal research easier and more efficient.”

Gilbert + Tobin Partner and Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, Caryn Sandler said: “Gilbert + Tobin prides itself on innovation and is grateful to LexisNexis for providing the opportunity to be involved in the beta trial of Lexis+ AI.”

Holding Redlich Chief Knowledge Officer, Keren Smith believes innovative technology is essential for attracting and retaining outstanding lawyers: “Client Success drives all of our lawyers, and the new efficiencies of Lexis+ AI augment and enhance the skill sets of excellent, accurate and timely advice. It is exciting for our practitioners to be at the forefront of groundbreaking legal research technology.”

LexisNexis is responsibly developing legal AI solutions with human oversight. LexisNexis, part of RELX, follows the RELX Responsible AI Principles, considering the real-world impact of its solutions on people and taking action to prevent the creation or reinforcement of unfair bias.

The Lexis+ AI Insider program, which is open to all legal professionals, is designed to support the legal industry with generative AI education and LexisNexis breaking news on the latest AI developments. To sign up for the Lexis+ AI Insider program, visit https://www.lexisnexis.com.au/en/insights-and-analysis/artificial-intelligence. For more information on Lexis+ AI and to sign up for a demo, visit www.lexisnexis.com.au  

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