Social Listening

What is social listening?

Social listening is the practice of proactively monitoring and analysing digital conversations to learn and understand what customers and others are saying online about your brand, your industry and your competitors.

It’s a useful tool for:

  • better understanding your audience
  • identifying customer pain points
  • addressing customer questions, comments and concerns
  • developing a strategy to optimise your business

With the feedback and insights you gather from social listening, you can make more informed decisions and take action to further distinguish your brand, product or service.

Why is social listening important?

Isn’t it in your best interests to know what people are saying about your brand? Your products? And isn’t it in your customers’ best interests, too, that you listen to them? Ultimately, if you aren’t engaging in social listening, you’re missing out on these valuable insights.

Social listening delivers numerous benefits. It:

  • helps you pinpoint opportunities for customer engagement so you can actively participate in conversations about your brand, products or services and provide customer service
  • highlights changes in customer response to your brand – whether favourable or unfavourable – in real time so you can adjust your reaction accordingly
  • reveals how people feel about your business compared with your competition
  • presents you with new sales opportunities – that is, individuals or organisations inquiring about your business online with whom you can begin to build a rapport
  • helps you identify influencers (who hold sway with their followers) and ambassadors for your brand with whom there may be occasions for collaboration

Nexis® Social Analytics

These days, social media is critical to how you both receive and respond to information. Never miss a conversation about your company, your brand, your products or your competitors with Nexis® Social Analytics. Our powerful social data intelligence platform lets you listen in on the continuous stream of social media conversations taking place online.

This real-time monitoring and social-listening tool enables you to:

  • quickly and easily analyse billions of social posts and conversations to track your brand, manage problems, measure campaign effectiveness and gain insight into your social audiences
  • pinpoint patterns, follow trends, assess performance gaps and track return on investment of your campaigns
  • take advantage of social media reporting to highlight successes and areas worthy of attention
  • share insights quickly and easily across your organisation
  • see where your audience is coming from and track how you’re performing on different social media networks
  • monitor the impact that influencers and media mentions have on your website traffic
  • leverage analytics tools, such as image recognition, virality mapping, geolocation tagging, sentiment analysis, hashtag tracking and more
  • turn data from social conversations into meaningful insights from more than 10 social networks and 150 million websites

Armed with these social insights, you’ll be in a prime position to make more intelligent decisions that will help you successfully drive your business forward.

Nexis Newsdesk

Another essential tool in your social listening and media monitoring arsenal, Nexis Newsdesk helps you stay on top of the social media buzz surrounding your business.

Spanning such social networks as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as thought-leadership blogs, podcasts, photo-sharing sites, industry forums and premium print, web and broadcast news, Nexis Newsdesk is our flagship media intelligence solution. The tool lets you monitor what people are saying online about your company, your brand and your competitors in near-real time so you can quickly and agilely respond to developments.

What’s more, Nexis Newsdesk adds an average of 2.3 million social media posts every day, in addition to an average of 2.4 million news articles, and it enables you to instantly evaluate more than 300 million articles.

With Nexis Newsdesk, you can:

  • identify trends
  • use powerful filters to tailor searches around keywords and topics of interest
  • stay abreast of the latest news with the help of customised alerts and newsletters
  • convert your social listening findings into easy-to-digest charts and graphs to share news and insights across your organisation

Given the never-ending stream of information flowing from today’s social media channels, effective social listening can be a challenge. Nexis Newsdesk rises to the challenge and empowers you to uncover valuable social insights so you can make intelligent, informed decisions for your organisation.

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