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DEFEND: Protect your portfolio

  • Shepard’s® Citations Service

    This powerful combination of human and machine is the only one backed by analysis from experienced attorney-editors who can see the subtleties even the best algorithms can’t. Know that the case you’re citing—or questioning—is standing on two legs, skating on thin ice, or something in-between. Get the history and full array of case outcomes that help ensure your authorities are good law or that your opponent’s case can be easily knocked into the shrubbery.

  • CaseMap® Case Analysis Software

    Develop and tell the story of your case. Take control of myriad moving parts and vital bits of information. Leverage logical collaboration features and structure your case with intuitive CaseMap organizational tools. Draft and compile arguments, memos and pleadings with text-clipping and mapping capability. Simultaneously work with your LexisNexis® research tools. Organize witnesses, facts, documents, privilege logs, deposition summaries—all around the pillars of your case.

  • Concordance® Discovery Management Software

    Vast volumes of data are scattered across the globe, making discovery management a daunting and expensive undertaking. Concordance® allows you to control and intelligently review massive volumes of documents efficiently, right from your desktop. It reduces the risk of missing a key document or letting a privileged one fly. It’s the cost-effective, in-house document review solution that helps you take unmitigated control of the review process.

  • Intellectual Property Resources

    Draft patent applications with confidence. Apply innovative search and analytical tools to a world-class database. Rely on authorities like Chisum on Patents, Gilson on Trademarks®, and Milgrim on Trade Secrets®. Conduct prior-art searches across international databases, news and business sources, and scientific and technology journals from revered publishers such as Elsevier. Access litigation filings too -- all from a single source.

  • LexisNexis® IP Portfolio

    Develop and retain quality intellectual property with the LexisNexis® IP Portfolio, a unique suite of solutions that offers content, resources and tools designed specifically for IP professionals.

  • Total Patent® patent search and retrieval service

    It’s the most comprehensive, online collection of primary-sourced patent information worldwide. Search prior art, actual claims, 100 million records from dozens of countries and over 100 authorities. Leverage our semantic brain technology and our graphical word cloud to educate your search tool. Do it all in English and with total transparency.

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