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Having access to a volume of raw data is important. But even more important is knowing how to narrow down and make sense of that data. Our custom report options and exclusive LexID® match and associate people, businesses and locations with a high degree of accuracy—even when the entities don’t appear together in a public record. When two records are identified as having common data points, LexID® is used to link those records together. Spend time drawing insights rather than trying to figure out connections.

Use your results to create a custom, comprehensive report on an individual or business—which can reveal hidden connections, undisclosed relationships and conflicts of interest. Additionally, you can order reports on specialized information like medical and police records.

  • Run a variety of reports to narrow down to just the information you need. Choose from Summary, Finder, Asset, Comprehensive, Contact Card, Pre-Litigation and Address.

  • Retrieve reports from 50,000 police jurisdictions and government agencies across the United States. Request accident reports, DUI and arrest records, homicide reports and birth and death certificates.

  • Run a Court Search Ordering Wizard for any record. Just click a simple icon and our experts will quickly and carefully gather the available information for you.


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