LexisNexis® atVantage

Broaden your perspectives to the marketplace and gain competitive intelligence.

Stay on top of business trends and gain the ongoing competitive intelligence you need with unique tools and content.

LexisNexis® atVantage™ is an innovative business development tool used to give you a clear perspective on new business and strategic growth opportunities, and your firm’s entire competitive landscape.

  • Identify cross-selling opportunities and grow share with existing clients
  • Identify, qualify and prioritize prospects
  • Research and stay up-to-date on market and industry trends
  • Monitor your success and track your competition

Case Studies

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP – Law Firm
Competitive Intelligence is Litigation Team’s Secret Sauce

Product Literature

atVantage Overview Brochure
Gain a Clear Perspective on Growth Opportunities

atVantage Business Development Tools
Gain Vital Market Insight and Competitive Intelligence

atVantage Intellectual Property Module Brochure
Gain Vital Market Insight and Competitive Intelligence

LexisNexis® atVantage™ - Support & Training

When you select atVantage to enhance your firm’s business development and marketing activities, you get more than just access to a comprehensive list of global information sources. You also get the support and training necessary to ensure:

  • You fully understand every atVantage capability
  • You can comfortably use and access the right features and resources to do your work
  • Your atVantage solution is functioning properly

To take advantage of the support and training offerings behind your atVantage solution, just tap into these resources:

atVantage Support: 888-311-1966

atVantage On-demand Training Video

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