Concerned about the security of your data? You aren’t alone. Experts say that only the healthcare and retail sectors experience more breaches than the education sector. Naturally, those concerns also extend to using an outside data appending service to clean up and enrich your student, alumni and donor databases. LexisNexis understands your concerns—and offers the experience and processes needed to handle batch processing securely.

Scrub your data to improve database quality

Keeping up with moves, marriages and other critical information about contacts in your database is challenging. As hard as you try, typos and obsolete information can creep in. Batch processing allows you to quickly cleanse and append large volumes of individuals so you can continue to rely on the data.

How does LexisNexis Batch Services work?

  • You submit your data sets in .csv files with as much input information—name, address, social security number and so on—as you want to provide.
  • To protect your data sets, they are transmitted via our batch web gateway using Secure File Transfer Protocol.
  • LexisNexis assigns a unique identifier—LexID®—to each new record to protect personally identifiable information like social security numbers.
  • Using automated linking technology, our expert batch consultants run your files against more than 19.8 billion consumer records to verify best addresses and phone numbers, or simply update and maintain the quality of your own internal databases.

This process identifies where data intersects and links the files, helping to reduce duplication within your database while enhancing the quality and completeness of your data.

Ensure your data enrichment efforts keep private information secure. Contact us to speak with a batch consultant or request a quote.

Cleanse and append your donor database

Let’s get started

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