Lexis® Search Advantage is the only legal content enrichment solution that integrates seamlessly with selected enterprise search engines. Having access to a virtually unlimited number of internal and external document sources ensures you never miss critical information. This means your entire IP and model document collection are captured and leveraged to ensure uniformly quality work across the entire firm.

Search the entire universe of content available to you

Larger firms can have up to 25–40 million documents from past cases and matters. Because it works seamlessly with the enterprise search engine, Lexis Search Advantage has no upper limit to the number of documents it can enhance, thereby allowing firms to have access to its entire body of prior work product. Additionally, when searching within Lexis Advance, review relevant results from your firm’s documents by selecting the “My Firm” content category. Lexis Search Advantage helps overcome document profile issues such as when authors classify documents incorrectly. Even with such errors, through Lexis Search Advantage’s content enrichment you can find documents that never would have been uncovered using traditional searching methods.

We know clients demand top security of their documents from outside counsel and risk audits are frequent. Lexis Search Advantage respects the document level security of your document management system so you and your clients have confidence that internal documents are secure and never leave the safety of the firm’s firewall.

Attorney research propelled with expert legal validation

From within your results list, click through to other internal documents citing the selected cases. Then get an at-a-glance view of treatment of cited cases in their internal documents. Be sure you’re incorporating the most accurate and on-point documents in your work with the industry-leading citator, Shepard’s Citations Service.

Furthermore, dive deep with another LexisNexis exclusive – LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite provides search depth into entities … judges, experts, attorneys … to lead to a more informed and solid strategy for firm litigators.

Ensure document consistency from senior partners to junior associates and paralegals.

Dramatically reduce the time partners and librarians spend overseeing associate work while shoring up quality standards firm-wide. Find the right documents fast—every time—enterprise wide.

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