Cutting out even an hour a day of an associate or staff member’s time searching fruitlessly for key internal documents and research content equates to a big return and competitive advantage for law firms that must resolve client issues at a lower cost. With Lexis® Search Advantage you can find the most relevant files across your document management system, validate your work and extend your research in a matter of seconds.

Find the best documents in the shortest amount of time

It’s all about proper content enrichment and navigation. Leveraging the enterprise search engine, Lexis Search Advantage allows you to locate the most relevant documents in your results list by utilizing proprietary content enrichment combined with legal and industry taxonomies from LexisNexis. This unique layer of technology empowers you to select the filters you need to drill down quickly and with a single-click cross-referencing within and between your firm’s internal documents and LexisNexis® content.

And with our clause and defined term recognition, you can easily find and repurpose on-point language in forms, wills, agreements, deal documents and other transactional documents. A couple of clicks and a few minor revisions, then you’re on to the next client request.

Enhance the value of your documents with visual cues

Don’t waste time reading a wall of copy. Get legal indicators to appear in your internal documents in real time. Shepard’s® Citation Service is the only place in the legal world where you receive comprehensive editorial analysis conducted by experienced attorneys. This expert analysis provides the history and array of case outcomes that helps ensure your authorities are good law—and confidence you are building a stronger case. Through Lexis Search Advantage, your internal documents can become even more robust with Shepard’s Signal Indicators for a visual, at-a-glance indication of the treatment of your case or statute.

What’s easier than looking at a picture? Coming soon, you can experience word clouds to quickly locate firm experts on the matter at hand, or a Legal topic word cloud that indicates what terms are most cited in the results set.

Speed up onboarding of new lawyers and associates

After their first search, many of our customers say Lexis Search Advantage already feels familiar and it’s easy to use. It typically takes users a matter of minutes to learn how to use effectively. No need to create new training documents or sit through time-consuming training sessions. After installation, just start searching.

What’s in it for you?

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