Lexis® Search Advantage is flexible and agnostic software that integrates seamlessly and painlessly into your current enterprise search and document management architecture applying LexisNexis search precision across the firm’s internal document collections within a familiar environment.

Maximize your enterprise search engine and document management system

Lexis Search Advantage gets the highest quality of legal output from your technology investment. Made possible by integrating with your already established enterprise search solutions, such as IBM® Watson Explorer and other leading enterprise search engines like Microsoft® SharePoint® and Recommind® Decisiv Search. Lexis Search Advantage in combination with Handshake Software and BA Insight Software Portfolio enhances capabilities through SharePoint® to create a legal enterprise search within your firm. This flexible and agnostic software offers firm users optimum flexibility.

Because Lexis Search Advantage integrates seamlessly, users don’t have to deal with an unfamiliar interface. In fact, many users don’t even realize they’re using Lexis Search Advantage as it sits unobtrusively behind the scenes of your enterprise search solution. Get rid of the lengthy how-to guides and time-consuming training sessions while adoption levels soar.

Security is critical and that’s why Lexis Search Advantage resides behind your firewall, Nothing leaves the firm’s server, which means firm IP and confidential documents are protected. Inside, Lexis Search Advantage honors the security of the document management system, password-protection, limited access, etc.

Gain access to your documents from within other LexisNexis solutions

No matter where you decide to start your, research with Lexis Search Advantage you can access your entire universe of relevant content. After running a search from within Lexis Advance®, Lexis® for Microsoft Office® or Lexis Practice Advisor® you’ll find a unique content category labeled “My Firm” which securely gives quick access into on-point internal content. This gives users a panoramic view across internal content and external resources and the open web—all in one place.

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