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State Net Thought Leadership

The Power of Executive Orders

State governors wield the power to set public policy without the involvement of the legislature through the use of executive orders. Those actions can come quickly and bring significant changes, particularly in times of emergency, as clearly demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Monitoring Local Government

If your organization is tracking state and federal legislation and regulations, you may think you have all your government affairs and compliance bases covered. But local ordinance tracking is an increasingly important element of American businesses operation. These local government actions are also inherently difficult to monitor.

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State Legislative Passage Rates

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Some state legislatures pass far more of the bills they introduce than others. The reasons for that disparity aren’t easy to discern, but understanding how those factors shape passage rate patterns can be critical for organizations seeking to comply with the laws or engage in the lawmaking process of any state.

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Differences Among State Legislatures

The nation’s 50 state legislatures differ in numerous ways, some of which are formally dictated, while others are unwritten behavioral norms and traditions. These formal and informal variations can pose significant challenges for government affairs professionals.

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